Chiropractic Temporary Tattoos


Great for screenings, Giveaways, Kids Days, Talks at schools, etc… Only $25.00 per 100 tattoos Only $4.50 shipping in the U.S., Canada, and Australia! Available in four colorful styles!

Product Site: PlanetC1

BodyBilt Office Chairs


More than 60% of all occupational illnesses are due to repetitive motion disorders, particularly those resulting from sitting intensive tasks (source: Department of Labor). The costs of claims are escalating and, for many workers, the damage leads to decreased productivity and a lifetime of suffering. Lower back pain, aggravated by inferior seated posture and poor weight support, is second only to the common cold as a reason for missed work. Back problems are now the leading cause of disability for workers under the age of 45. So, how does one increase productivity and reduce chances of work-related injuries or postural stress?

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The First Comprehensive Program for Anti Aging. Waiora’s ANTI-AGING BASICS PACK is specifically designed to help you fight aging at the source – declining hormone levels, sluggish metabolic rates, compromised cardiovascular and immune systems and cumulative oxidative stress. Combining the finest, pure ingredients and the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging and nutritional sciences, our Anti-Aging Basics Pack will help you revitalize your biological aging processes…. 

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Gymnic Excercise Ball


The lastest innovation in exercise balls! Unlike other balls that may burst when punctured, the Gymnic Plus is burst resistant and softly deflates if damaged. Even when purposely punctured with a knife or other sharp object, there is no danger of sudden lack of pressure. The new-style surface is warm and non-slip. It doesn’t show fingerprints or attract dust or grime! Don’t settle for competitive balls that inflate unevenly and puncture easily. The Gymnic Plus comes in four different sizes to match optimally to your height. They inflate easily with a hand air pump, or order our handy Quick-Air Pump for extra convenience (bike pumps not recommended). Guaranteed not to leak or puncture with normal use. Small holes can be repaired with an instant adhesive-type glue. Ball holds up to 660 lbs.

Product Site: EMPI Direct

Provided me with Access


I am a Chiropractor however instead of running a typical practice, I focus my attention on teaching others my technique; Gonzalez Rehabilitation Technique (GRT). 1800CHIRO not only built me an amazing website ( but they have provided me with access to a vast majority of Chiropractors and helped me to educate potential patients.

George Gonzalez D.C.
Los Angeles

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